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Wholesale bench press

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The Wholesale bench press trainer includes two base plates, a rod sleeve and a support rod are symmetrically arranged between the two base plates, a slider is provided on the side of the rod sleeve and a support rod close to the base plate, and the base plate is provided with a sliding block. The corresponding chute, the upper end of the rod sleeve is inserted with two support rods, one end of the rod sleeve is threadedly connected with a locking screw, the two support rods are provided with a locking groove corresponding to the locking screw, and the upper ends of the two support rods are rotatably connected There are two support plates, the upper end of one support rod is fixedly connected with a support plate, the first support plate and the second support plate are connected in rotation, two sides of the two support plates are symmetrically provided with vertically arranged mounting plates, the mounting plates are fixed on the base plate, and the installation A mounting port is provided on the board. The present invention has a simple structure, is easy to use, and the user's supine position and angle can be easily adjusted, and is suitable for users of different body types. occur.

Wholesale bench press
The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the Wholesale bench press trainer.

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