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How to maintain a good price and quality dumbell

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1. After each use of the good price and quality dumbell, you should wipe the sweat on it with a dry cloth, and place the good price and quality dumbell in a ventilated place to prevent mold. It is recommended to be equipped with a good price and quality dumbell bracket, so that both Good storage and maintenance.
2. Electroplating good price and quality dumbell should be anti-corrosion and rust-proof. Although the electroplating dumbell is made of cast iron as a whole, it is hard, heavy and dense. The surface of good price and quality dumbell is electroplated, smooth and refreshing, and theoretically will not rust , will not change color. However, we should avoid contact with strong acids and alkalis when using them to prevent them from eroding the electroplating layer on the surface of the dumbell.

good price and quality dumbell
3. If the good price and quality dumbell is not used for a long time, it is recommended to wipe off the oil stains on the good price and quality dumbell, then wrap it in newspaper and store it in a cool and dry place;
4. For dumbells with rubber skins, be careful not to rub them on rough ground, destroying the smoothness of the rubber layer. In addition, colored rubber dumbells are easy to form a dirt layer. Clean with a rag when finished.
5. Whether it is electroplating dumbell or encapsulating dumbell, its interior is still iron after all, so it will crack or peel during use, if it encounters water, it will easily rust, so we do not put it in In wet places, avoid direct washing with water, and dry it immediately after cleaning.
6. Clean up once a week. Use a soft cotton cloth to take an appropriate amount of toothpaste and wipe it. Toothpaste can form a protective layer on the surface of the good price and quality dumbell.

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