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lat pulldown supplier china introduces: maintenance knowledge of customized treadmill manufacturers!

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Customized treadmill manufacturers are the regular fitness equipment for homes and gyms, and it is a very simple type of home fitness equipment, and it is the choice of home fitness equipment. So do you know about its maintenance knowledge? Let's follow the editor of lat pulldown supplier china to have a simple understanding!
1. Regularly clean the body and the dust under the body. It is recommended to wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use acid cleaners.
2. Regularly check whether there is any foreign matter between the running belt and the running board; such as chewing gum, small creatures, etc. If foreign objects are found, they should be removed immediately.

3. Regularly check the tightness of the running belt and whether there is any deviation.
4. Regularly check the emergency braking function of customized treadmill manufacturers to ensure safety and effectiveness.
5. Apply silicone oil between the running belt and the running board regularly; ensure that the running belt runs smoothly.
In summary, the editor of lat pulldown supplier china tells: a brief introduction to the maintenance knowledge of customized treadmill manufacturers.

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