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What should I pay attention to when using lat pulldown?

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What should I pay attention to when using lat pulldown?Most people don't know the difference between the L and R pulldown. So let's talk about the L set – the key is the L pulldown – the key is the L pulldown. This will save you time and effort later on when you can get back to training.The ideal strength program, which uses the L pulled down pull down to make up any workout, will have the first set of 8 with as much work as possible on the upper delts. In this set, we are basically training the pull down. The upper delts are pretty key to the back. If you have an injury they are very fragile. So make sure you take care of them. When you first use the L lat pulldown for upper delts, it will be very rough and tiring, so I would start with a light weight in the very first set. 
When using lat pulldown, first do it to the extent that you can bear, and then step by step, and pay attention to breathing evenly. Then when you feel confident you can begin to take the weight and then step back and work with full weight. Work on the proper form, not on total techniqueWhen trying to complete a pulldown, the primary goal is to reduce the amount of weight you're carrying throughout the lift. By working to get you fully lifted with as much weight as possible, and by working to get your legs and back under you at the top, the majority of effort is placed in the hips to lower the load down. 
When using lat pulldown, be careful not to focus on the action of pulling your hands down. Instead, focus on the act of keeping your arms down and your torso level. To pull-up, bring your thumbs above your eyebrows, and the bar over your head. Your arms should be just off the ground (as we did with the vertical hang).As with vertical hangs, if you find it hard to stabilize your body on the way down from the vertical hang, you may want to adjust the position of your shoulders with your head hanging slightly below the bar.

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