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Good news! Good news! Shandong Business Daily·Buy it! The female boss of Shandong "brings" the goods live! Unsellable fitness equipment becomes "net celebrity"

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An epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of many industries, and how to break the situation and save themselves has become a problem for many companies. In Dezhou, Shandong, a company that produces fitness equipment has also experienced such a dilemma. Hao Yuxia is the boss of this company. She introduced that the company is mainly export-oriented. Affected by the epidemic, the company's export orders fell by about 80% in the first quarter. Under such circumstances, Hao Yuxia embarked on the road of transformation, reviving the factory by designing home fitness equipment and live broadcasting.


Good news!


"I have just received US dollars from a US customer, and it is difficult to express my feelings." On April 4, Hao Yuxia posted a message in Moments. She told reporters that this was an order from a year ago and the customer was American. Taking into account the impact of the epidemic, the receipt of the final payment at this point in time was beyond Hao Yuxia's expectations. After experiencing the initial difficulties, Hao Yuxia found a way to transform. "I am very busy now, with a lot of orders, and I rush to make orders every day. Customers urge the goods and employees work overtime." Hao Yuxia said that now there are more than 500 units in a month, and three to four orders can be completed every day. The day before the interview, the factory sent three orders to Yantai customers. Hao Yuxia is a post-70s. In her opinion, she has an outgoing and talkative personality. She is a typical "business woman", "I am in the company almost every day, 365 days a year."

At the end of February this year, the company resumed work and all employees started work. Hao Yuxia herself also lives in the company and stares at it every day. She said, “The orders from the previous year were completed in March, and all the work on hand is the new order.” Hao Yuxia said that outside of normal working hours, employees often work overtime. "Now the company's production is back to normal, with three to four orders completed per day." Hao Yuxia said, thanks to her actively changing her mindset based on market conditions.

Hao Yuxia introduced that the factory mainly produces and develops business fitness equipment, including strength fitness equipment, aerobic fitness equipment, and the products are exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign orders have dropped a lot. "The first quarter is the peak season for this industry, but this year, the volume of foreign trade orders has dropped by about 80% compared to previous years."


Good news!


"It is very difficult to be a business during the epidemic, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises like us. Sales have plummeted." Hao Yuxia said. Years ago, the company had a batch of unfulfilled orders, which started construction after the next year as planned. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the work could not be started as scheduled after the year, and the orders were all delayed. In this regard, Hao Yuxia said, “I also had anxiety during that period. If there is no revenue for a day, there will be no income for a day. Without income, it will be very difficult for the company to continue to operate.” Hao Yuxia introduced that most of the company's orders depend on it. Gym, but the closing of the gym means there is no market. From the end of the year until the beginning of March, most of the gyms in various places remained closed. "The market demand is decreasing, and there is no salesperson to run the business, it is difficult to sell the products." Hao Yuxia thinks about how to open the market every day. She told herself that to survive, she had to find a way out. The volume of foreign exports has dropped significantly, so she shifted the focus of the market to the domestic market.

The road to transformation

"During the epidemic, everyone stayed at home. In fact, many people have fitness needs. You can exercise at home without opening the gym." Hao Yuxia said. On this basis, the company designed a home fitness equipment. ."

Recalling this incident, Hao Yuxia said that the company closed at that time and none of the employees went to work. She went to the company by herself, took out the designer's computer, and sent it to the designer's home. In this way, the designer worked at home and designed this home fitness equipment. Hao Yuxia said that it was this equipment that opened up the market. “It’s very popular. Many people consult, most of them are studio coaches.” This household equipment has reached four to five million page views on the Internet, and many customers place orders, which made Hao Yuxia see. "The home market will be a trend in the future." The clients she targeted are no longer confined to gyms. "Some are coaches, some are individuals, and some are studios." On this basis, Hao Yuxia has new ideas. "Since some people are paying attention, it means there is a market. I think it would be more convenient to open a live broadcast and introduce it directly to everyone." Hao Yuxia opened an account and started the live broadcast. She frankly said, "Live broadcast is also one of the ways to save ourselves, and it also proves our ability in many aspects." After a live broadcast, Hao Yuxia persisted for more than two hours.

Now the company can receive new orders almost every day, and occasionally there are orders from abroad, such as Greece, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. Hao Yuxia said, “During this period, customers have been seeing the goods every day one after another.” “The current feature is the fragmentation of orders. Compared with before, the overall order volume has shrunk.” Hao Yuxia said that live broadcast can bring customer flow. At the moment, many orders are driven by live broadcast. Although the amount is not large, she pays attention to the "long flow of water."

Live sales

If there are no special circumstances, Hao Yuxia came to the factory warehouse at around two o'clock in the afternoon, set up her mobile phone, turned on the camera, and started broadcasting. Hao Yuxia smiled and said that she had never played a live broadcast before, and she was a little nervous when she first started the live broadcast. "I'm worried that no one will watch it, it will be cold." But she still insisted on broadcasting. "When one person comes in, talk to one person, and if two people come in, talk to two people." As Hao Yuxia said, those who watched a live broadcast Not many, but they are all iron fans, "I am a person who is really interested in fitness."

She told reporters that live broadcast is currently one of the main sales channels, and many customers are recommended by friends, including customers in Hubei. In summary, she feels that her products have several characteristics, "One is professional equipment, the other is good service, and the third is good after-sales."

Hao Yuxia said that her grandfather and father were both businessmen, so she decided to start her own business. Before starting her business, she worked as a workshop technician and worked in foreign trade, and accumulated a lot of resources. In 2008, Hao Yuxia started to make fitness equipment. Years of experience taught her the truth, "It is important to think of small factories and big trade, and to integrate resources." During the epidemic, the company's salesperson did not run business outside. In Hao Yuxia’s view, this is not a bad thing. “A mobile phone can introduce products in one live broadcast, which in fact greatly reduces the cost.” She introduced that a salesperson runs away for a month, and the cost is about 10,000 yuan. This cost has been reduced since. In less than a month of the live broadcast, she gained 23,000 fans, and the number of hits reached more than 400,000 page views. "At the best time, she can sell more than 100 small dumbbells and other small accessories a day." In her view, no matter what method is used, it is to solve the problem of the survival of the enterprise. "The current domestic market is very good. A fitness studio in Jinan placed an order after watching the live broadcast."

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