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Gym equipment use Daquan

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Gym equipment has different equipment for different body parts, and there is another type of equipment that can exercise many parts of the body, even the whole body. Every gym equipment is not exactly the same, but they are all the same, so how to use gym equipment? Here are some common gym equipment to illustrate.

1. Seated chest push

Sports muscles: pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, triceps. Sit on the stool with your legs apart, hold the handle of the instrument with both hands, keep your shoulders down, and tighten your abdomen at the same time; lie flat on the handle with both hands, exhale while pushing the handle forward, and inhale as you slowly restore the handle.

2. Straight arm clip chest

Adjust the height of the gym equipment so that the handle and the shoulder are at the same height, and the arms are kept slightly bent. Be careful not to drive too far (just to the back plane), so as not to hurt the shoulder joints, and the weight should not be too heavy. Pause for 3 seconds during adduction and fully squeeze the pectoralis major muscle.

3. Pull down the high position with the reverse grip

Hold the handles of the pull-down gym equipment with both hands backwards, making sure that the distance between the palms is less than the shoulder width. Hold the handle, straighten your arms forward, lean back about 30 degrees, bend your lower back, and straighten your chest. Pull down the shoulders and upper arms back, and move the body upwards until the lever touches the upper chest; when moving, the upper body should remain fixed, and only the arms should move. The forearm only needs to grasp the lever, no other movements. Pause for 1 second in the tightening position, slowly return the handle to the starting position, straighten your arms, and fully extend the latissimus dorsi.
4. Fixed seated rowing machine

Sit up straight with your chest, close to the front baffle, and use the contraction of your back muscles to pull the handle to your abdomen. Pull your shoulders and elbows back as much as possible until the handle touches the middle of your body. Keep the peak contraction for 1-2 seconds, try to squeeze the shoulder blades together to get a certain stimulation; use the strength of the latissimus dorsi to control the recovery, maintain tension during the whole exercise, try to stretch the back muscles, and do not relax. Pay attention to controlling the stretching speed during exercise. Too fast or too slow will affect the exercise effect.

5. Seated kick machine

Put your feet on the pedals of the gym equipment, keep slightly wider than the hip joints, keep your body upright, tighten your waist and abdomen, hold your chest up, and hold your hands on the grips; then inhale deeply, feel the pressure on your thighs, and at the same time apply pressure to the front of your thighs Apply pressure on the back and hips, exhale at the same time, lift up the weight, bend your knees slightly when you reach the top, don't fully straighten it, pause for a second, then take a deep breath, bend your knees, and return to the original position.

6. Shoulder lifter

Face forward, straighten your chest, and keep your spine naturally curved. This is your starting position; raise your upper arms sideways, away from the midline of the body. Keep doing it until your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Pause for a while and return to the initial position.

7. Seated leg curl training device

Sit on the gym equipment leg bending machine, hook your ankles on the horizontal bar, rest your back against the board, and hold the stool bar with your hands; bend your calves backwards, stop for a while while tightening the biceps, and then slowly recover upwards in a controlled manner; Do not leave the seat cushion when your legs are bent backwards to exert force.

8. Seated hip abduction trainer

Sit down on the leg abduction machine and step on the pedals. Adjust the position of the thigh baffle so that it is close to the outside of the thigh; spread the legs as hard as possible and hold for 1-2 seconds; then the legs will naturally tighten under the pull of the weight. Do not stop when tightening, and immediately start abducting the legs Do the next move.

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