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The use of a glute machine

Glute machine
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Fitness must be comprehensive, and hip training can not be less. There is such a fitness equipment that can train the buttocks, no longer envy their buttocks. First, let's introduce this aerobic glute machine stepper. This kind of glute machine, also known as "climber", is designed according to the action of climbing stairs in our daily life. It mainly exercises the buttocks and legs. As soon as you get off the stepper, you often feel a little soreness in your buttocks and thighs, which means that your training is effective.

glute machine from China manufacturer
The exercise method of this glute machine is very simple, as long as you step on the pedal and alternate your feet twice, the machine will automatically display. Then enter the resistance value according to the training purpose. If you just want to lose fat, you can adjust the resistance to 8-12. Keeping the time at 30-40 minutes will achieve a good fat-loss effect.
Although it looks simple, it is actually very difficult to do it right. Many people have been injured due to incorrect posture. The posture must be correct: 1. Gently hold the handle of the glute machine, or the special finger touches the handle, do not Grip too hard because you just need a little help to keep your balance. The best situation is to let go of your hands and let them hang freely at your sides, so you not only strengthen your cardio but also challenge your balance.
2. On the glute machine, stand up, you can lean forward a little, but don’t arch your back, and don’t let your body lean from side to side. Leaning from side to side is probably because the steps are too long. tighten. The best step length is the same each time. The step length should not be too short. If the step length is too short, your energy consumption will be reduced, and the effect of fitness will not be good.
3. Try to put all the soles of your feet on the pedals. If you put your toes on your toes, the muscles of your calf will quickly tire, which will shorten your fitness time and fail to achieve the desired effect. This glute machine can not only reduce fat, buttocks, and legs but also has a good effect on the characterization of thigh muscle lines. A machine that works both hips and thighs.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the use of a glute machine, hope it helps you.

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