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Good price and quality dumbell workouts for beginners

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1. Stretching on both sides
The method of stretching on both sides is mainly used to thin the arms or increase the muscles of the arm parts. At the beginning of the exercise, you should first stand with your feet apart, the angle of the legs should be as wide as your shoulders, and then grab them with your own hands. A good price and quality dumbell, slowly lift to the sides until the hands and shoulders are at the same height, repeat this action fifteen to twenty times, you can have a good fat burning effect, do After a few days, if the body can adapt well, then slowly increase the amount of exercise.

good price and quality dumbell
The squat exercises
The main purpose of squatting exercises to lose weight and exercise muscles is the legs. First, stand with your legs spread apart, and your legs are still as wide as your shoulders.Grab a good price and quality dumbell with both hands, then cross your hands on your waist, and then do a squat. When squatting, your legs should be widely spread, and the squat should not be too deep. Basically It is enough to do the same range as the horse stance, and do this repeatedly ten to fifteen times.

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