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glute machine on sales tells how to choose fitness equipment novices

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In the gym, how should novices choose fitness equipment? I believe that many novices entering the gym will be very confused. What are so many instruments used for? What should be used? Follow the editor of glute machine on sales for a simple understanding!
Simply put, most gyms can be divided into two areas.
Power area:
Used to place equipment that increases muscle circumference and strength. Common ones are dumbbells, barbells, fixed equipment, gantry frames, ropes and so on. (When entering the gym, there are more muscular men, which is a strength zone).
Aerobic zone:
Used to place equipment that increases your aerobic capacity, such as treadmills, elliptical machines, climbing machines, etc. Enter the gym (which girls have more, basically the aerobic zone hasn't run yet, but occasionally there are muscular men in this area).

For beginners, what you have to do is to enter the power zone, find the equipment I introduced to you as soon as possible, and become familiar with them, because these equipment are things that can change you, and they are also things you should spend time learning. Don't run on the treadmill as soon as you come, do some aerobic exercise first).
The above is the introduction of the editor of glute machine on sales: knowledge about the novice choice of fitness equipment.

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