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Cheapest hex dumbbell small class explanation: What are the misunderstandings in the use of dumbbells?

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As we all know, dumbbells are a simple and economical fitness equipment, but few people go deep into the principles of fitness. In the process of use, some still have some misunderstandings. Let's follow the editor of Cheapest hex dumbbell to have a simple understanding!
Exercising with dumbbells can not only increase strength, but also bodybuilding. Using dumbbells scientifically can indeed receive a good exercise effect. However, many people do not gain strength or become fit after exercising with dumbbells. They often get discouraged. Dumbbells are also shelved and even become substitutes for hammers. In fact, dumbbell fitness has a lot of knowledge. If it is not implemented, the exercise effect is often unsatisfactory. Before exercising, we need to be clear about who we like to do with strength and fitness. There are two main ways to exercise muscles. One way is to increase the strength of exercisers, but the effect of bodybuilding is relatively insignificant, which is suitable for professional weightlifters; the other way is to increase muscle volume significantly, but the increase in strength is relatively small, which is suitable for bodybuilders or mass fitness By. Generally, fitness enthusiasts regard bodybuilding as the main purpose. For this purpose, when exercising with dumbbells, the following rules must be followed.

Before training, choose dumbbells of the right weight. Generally, you need to choose a dumbbell with a load of 65%-85%. The so-called load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted. For example, if the maximum weight that can be lifted each time is 10 kg, you need to choose a weight of 6.5-8.5 kg. Exercise with dumbbells. When exercising, lift 6-8 groups at a time, repeat 8-12 times for each group. The movement speed should not be too fast, and the interval between each group is 2-3 minutes. If the load is too large or too small, and the interval time is too short or too long, the effect is not good.
The above is the introduction of the Cheapest hex dumbbell editor: a simple analysis of the misunderstanding of the use of dumbbells, you can learn more.

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